Hi, hi! Do you guys like?? I worked on this for about a week since I’m such a darn lazy procrastinator (つω⊂✿ ) (Plus, it took awhile to come up with the lines ehehe. Some were easier than others //cough Takkun (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) but we managed, guise! Yayyy~! .^^.

Voltage Valentine’s Cards from the lovely (yet verY kinky oho) minds of Moko & Mai

Btw, have you guys taken a second look at lovely Sheeks? I used some touching up stuff on him and wowoww he looks devastatingly handsome, guise! It’s crazyy too bc I’ve never had an interest in him before but… now?? //yELLS (*ノωノ)

//shamelessly promotes this shizznit

I apologize I’m on my otome blog more than this one now orz


Normally it is impossible to play at 100% of your potential during a game. Even a highly focused top-tier player reaches his limit at 80%. However, being in the Zone makes that impossible 100% a possibility. Furthermore, Aomine’s 100% is a total unknown. He seems twice as fast as usual.

Nanase Haruka or Matsuoka Rin?

asked by: akirassendoh, hi effy!

Kuroko Tetsuya chapter 247 colored by ☆彡
Special thanks to Dono (*´▽`*)